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Nutrition Services

Green Goodness

Digestive Support

While your digestion is known as the root of your health, eating for healthy digestion is both complex and confusing and knowing what to eat can be a constant challenge.  If you are tired of stomach aches, gas, bloating and indigestion and nothing seems to be working, together we will create a sustainable and enjoyable regimen that works for you and your body.  We will identify the root triggers to your digestive distress, repair digestive problems, treat leaky gut, restore balance to your microbiome, boost your immune system, diminish autoimmune systems and heal systemic inflammation.

Weight Loss Counseling

Through personalized coaching and a holistic approach rooted in the science of human nutrition, you will learn how to naturally balance your hunger hormones resulting in realistic, sustainable and permanent results. Together we will reset your metabolism, increase your energy, improve your digestion, curb your cravings and transform your body composition. You will learn how to nourish your body with clean, whole foods that prevent inflammation, elevated blood sugar and gut issues.  Beyond losing weight, my approach will give you the confidence to conquer any menu/situation/holiday season and trust yourself to make healthy choices because your body isn’t craving sugar-laden junk food. 

On the Scales

Sports Nutrition Education

I work with teams and individual athletes to assess nutritional needs based on their sport, energy expenditure and current dietary needs.  Athletes can expend thousands of calories during training which need to be replaced in a timely manner to assure optimal performance during training and competition.  Knowing what to eat prior to, during and after training and/or competition can have a dramatic impact on performance.  We will put together a plan so you know how to prepare, support and recover to maximize your potential.


First Appointment

During this :60-:90 minute initial consultation, we will review your health history, labs if you have them, and discuss your concerns as they relate to your health.  This is my opportunity to dive deep to understand what's creating your symptoms.  Together, we will develop a plan to get you feeling better. Please note that because the focus of the initial consultation is primarily to gather information, very few recommendations come within the first visit. You can expect an appointment summary within 24 hours of your consultation.


Follow-up Appointments

In the first follow-up, we will confirm your treatment plan and address what is working for you and what needs to be amended.  Each subsequent session will work towards achieving the objectives of your treatment plan. You can expect an appointment summary within 24 hours of your consultation.  


Most clients will need anywhere from 3 - 6 visits in order to have enough time to identify multiple goals, follow-up on progress and support sustainable and permanent solutions. Purchasing a package reduces individual visit costs and allows chat support between visits.

Sessions are conducted via phone or virtual telehealth.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

First Appointment: $275 (:90 minutes)

Follow-ups: $150 (:45 minutes)

3 Session Package:

Cost: $525 for 1 initial and 2 follow-up appointments.

Package savings: $50 savings

6 Session Package:

Cost: $925 for 1 initial and 5 follow-up appointments.

Package savings: $100 savings

Payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Venmo & checks are accepted.  Payment is required at time of service.


Insurance: While I don't currently accept insurance, a superbill can be provided for submission to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

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